State approves tough new rules for water appliances
News from Kern Golden Empire:

SACRAMENTO – Due to the severity of California’s drought, the state’s experts have been managing water resources to deal with the effects of the drought and prepare for the next one. As part of the solution, the California Energy Commission approved standards for water appliances which will save more than 10 billion gallons of water in the first year. Over time, the water savings is estimated to reach 105 billion gallons per year – a savings of more than three times the annual amount of water used by the City of San Francisco.

“California is serious about water conservation and is committed to consistent and clear water efficiency policies,” said Commissioner Andrew McAllister, who is the Energy Commission’s lead on energy efficiency. “In the face of California’s current drought, we must use water as efficiently as possible and updating minimum standards for toilets, urinals and faucets is a step in that direction.”

The energy efficiency and water standards approved today require water appliances to consume less water thereby using less energy while performing the same function. The details for each appliance are as follows:

Toilets and urinals, except those designed for prisons or mental health facilities. Toilets shall not consume more than 1.28 gallons per flush and shall have a waste extraction score of no fewer than 350 grams. Urinal…………… continues on Kern Golden Empire

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Tips to keep your appliances lasting longer
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A nice refrigerator, dishwasher, and range that perform well in Consumer Reports’ tests cost around $ 2,000. And if you want stainless steel, it could be $ 7,000.

The appliances in your home are a big investment. You can avoid repairs, keep them running efficiently, and get them to last as long as possible using these tips from Consumer Reports.

The refrigerator is the one of the most important kitchen appliance. It will stay colder, run better, and last longer if the cold air can circulate easily, so don’t over-stuff it with food.

There is a simple check to make sure your fridge isn’t wasting energy. Do the doors seal properly and keep the chill in? Close the door on a slip of paper and tug on it. If it slides out, it’s time to replace the gasket, so your fridge doesn’t work as hard.

Compressor coils clogged with dust can’t release heat efficiently and make the fridge work harder, wearing it down. Cleaning the coil with a brush and vacuum once a year will add years to the life of your refrigerator.

Your dishwasher will last longer if you clean the gasket routinely with soap and water, and take the time to remove food debris regularly from the filter.

“Much of the energy used by your dishwasher goes toward heating the water. So before you do a load, run the water at the sink until it gets hot. That saves the dishwashe…………… continues on KTRK-TV

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