Anderson: 2 women tackle toughest kitchen job, removing old appliances …
News from Merced Sun-Star:

Customers can’t believe their eyes when a pair of Olive Oyls – Rachel and Gina Mozingo, owners of Eco Appliance Recycling – show up to pick up and dispose of their heavy household castoffs.

The Mozingos opened their recycling business six months ago in North Highlands and have caught men and women alike peeking out the door in search of Popeye after they arrive.

“We had a lady call us for a TV pickup,” said Rachel Mozingo. “And she said, ‘I had to bring three guys over here to get this into my house.’ She had it sitting in the garage, and she said, ‘I don’t know that you’re going to be able to do it. You should bring some guys.’ So Gina and I showed up and we went in and did our thing. She just stood there and then said, ‘I can’t believe you guys just did that.’ She said, ‘I’m going to tell everybody.’ ”

Typically, Rachel Mozingo concludes most pickups, even side-by-side refrigerators, on her own in 20 minutes. If men are at home, the Mozingos told me, they invariably insist on helping. That’s why the two partners developed The Speech: “We understand we’re girls, but we can handle it, and if we couldn’t handle it, we would tell you. And if you choose to help, please sign this waiver.”

The two willowy women, partners in life and in business, have insurance that covers any mishaps they cause but not those prec…………… continues on Merced Sun-Star

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GE’s Co-creating a new world of major appliances
News from CT Post:

General Electric has activation of its global co-creation community –an online community dedicated to conceiving, engineering and building the next generation of major appliances. Now engineers, designers, scientists and home enthusiasts can participate in development of breakthrough major appliances and solve engineering challenges. Participants will identify market needs, directly participate in the product development and watch via social media as ideas speed from mind to market at the FirstBuild micro-factory in Louisville, Ky.

The launch of the new community website follows recent announcements that Fairfield-based GE and Local Motors, the open-source hardware innovator, partnered to create a new way of innovating and manufacturing that incorporates online co-creation and micro-manufacturing to design, engineer and build new products. The partnership will first focus this new product development and manufacturing model on the future of cooking and reinventing major kitchen appliances.

“While we have a lot of talented, dedicated people working within GE, we realize there is a tremendous amount of creativity and talent outside our walls,” said

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