Tax Free Weekend for Energy Star Appliances
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College Park appliance stores will be ready for Maryland’s tax free weekend for Energy Star appliances, which starts Saturday and goes through Monday. 

Almost all Energy Star appliances will be tax-free during Shop Maryland Energy Weekend, meaning customers can save 6 percent on home necessities such as refrigerators and air conditioners—potentially saving hundreds of dollars. 

This incentive saves customers some cash over the Presidents Day weekend and boosts sales for the stores, said Dom Hurley, the general manager at the College Park Best Buy.  His store saw increased traffic last year, when the tax free initiative was first introduced.

“It was phenomenal to say the least,” Hurley said.  “In terms of traffic it was a lot better than we expected.  More people know about it this year.”

Maryland’s General Assembly passed the Tax Free Weekend legislation in a 2007 special session, according to Kim Frumm, an official in the state’s comptroller office.  She said the legislation was designed to save consumers money and encourage them to buy energy-efficient products.

“We’re hoping to help Marylanders reduce greenhouse gases,” Frumm said.  “It’s a reinvestment in their house.”

The legislation is similar to the tax-free week in August, in which costumers…………… continues on

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Most major home appliances like washers, dryers and refrigerators should last a decade or more. Every year, millions of Americans either replace or repair a major home appliance.

Most major appliances should hum along doing their heating, cooling, washing, drying and grinding for many years, but because of neglect or ignorance, many sputter and choke years before they should.

In most cases, consumers don’t realize they’re abusing their appliances because they never read the owner’s manuals that accompany the machines. Those manuals may not be riveting reads, but these machines are designed to make your life easier.

Knowing how to use them properly can save you hundreds in repair bills and will reduce the stress of having one break down on you.

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