Thieves target laundry appliances
News from Statesman Journal:

Police are on the lookout for people who are cleaning out coins from washing machines and dryers in Willamette Valley apartment complexes.

Coin Meter Co. said 118 machines have been broken into since the end of summer; about 70 of those were in Salem.

Salem Police Lt. Steve Birr said the damage is about $ 25 per machine.

“They can hold up to $ 150 in coins, but generally they don’t have anywhere near that,” Birr said.

Birr said the thief or thieves are popping the coin boxes out of the machines.

Coin Meter Co. said the thefts have occurred at cities throughout the Willamette Valley, including Salem, Stayton, Newberg and Eugene.

A similar but smaller string of thefts occurred in Salem in late 2008 and early 2009.

At the time, Birr reported 47 incidents. In that case, someone used tools to pry open the sides of the coin boxes on each machine, causing damage of as much as $ 500.

Police identified that person as Jared Miller, 32…………… continues on Statesman Journal

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News from WPBF West Palm Beach:

POSTED: 4:49 pm EST December 1, 2011

A small amount of food and drink sit in a cooler at the North Palm Beach home of Richard and Shelly Khan. Flash burn marks are visible on their refrigerator, stove and microwave they say were destroyed by a new smart meter.”It would be nice to have a working kitchen again,” Richard Khan tells WPBF 25 News.Khan says the problem began about three weeks ago after Florida Power & Light installed a new smart meter at their home. He says the microwave stopped working, but that wasn’t all.”Right before Thanksgiving, the oven died on us,” Khan says.

Khan says things turned from bad to worse after their refrigerator stopped working a few days ago, so he called an electrician.”He said that it was something to do with FP&L,” Khan says.An FPL spokeswoman says the smart meter isn’t at fault. Instead, she says a recent power out…………… continues on WPBF West Palm Beach

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